JPWF Marketing

So your business needs more clients.
But word-of-mouth isn’t enough,
and you don’t have time to chase new leads…

That’s why I’m here.

Hi, I’m Jamie, I use targeted FB adverts and simple sales funnels to drive leads for local businesses like yours.

Here’s what you get from me:

I would be happy to help you design a custom facebook funnel for your business. We’ll identify who your ideal customer is and I’ll show you how to use Facebook Ads to get them coming to YOU.

This way, you’ll get a consistent flow of new potential clients looking to pay you, without you having to waste your time chasing people who probably aren’t your ideal customer anyway.

  • Effective FB – My online course – £30 per month
    If you know that Facebook should be a profitable part of your marketing, but you don’t know where to start, or you’ve tried boosting a few posts, but don’t know how to do it properly – I’ve just created a course designed specifically for the micro business owners and sole traders who would massively benefit from running FB ads, but can’t yet justify the cost of paying someone to so it on their behalf.
    I will guide you step-by-step through the process of how to think about, plan, and set up ads for your business, with over-the-shoulder style walkthroughs of each bit.
  • Monthly consulting – £250 per month
    For people and businesses who have been running ads for a little while, and know their way around the platform, but want to improve their ROI.
    We will have an initial strategy session, where I help you design a custom strategy for your business, then each fortnight we get on a call to check the results and plan the next steps, plus you have anytime & unlimited access to me via email, if you want advice, have a question, or want me to review something you’ve put together.

  • Fully managed lead generation – £750 per month
    The done-for-you service.
    You tell me about your business and your clients, I deliver targeted, interested and qualified leads straight to you (managing both adverts and landing pages), then you sign them up.

***need a smaller/larger/custom version of the above? – let’s schedule a time to chat and we’ll see if we can find something that works for everyone.


Meet Seral, a personal trainer that I worked with in Jan 2017.

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years,
mostly getting leads from the gym and walking the gym floor and interacting with members to get clients.

Then the gym had a change of ownership and I stopped getting leads from the gym and it also seemed less busy so not as many leads from the gym floor either.

I had been looking to get more clients in other ways and enlisted the help of Jamie.

We discussed what to do, and then Jamie set up ads for me, I started to get leads sent to my phone in which I could call them and book them in for training sessions.

It was quite an eye opener.

He also helped to adjust my technique on the phone as it was not something I was used to.

In 2 weeks, we spent £120 spent on ads, which brought in over £700 initial profit.

Plus a few of the leads who have not signed up are interested in other things I am setting up so there will be more income there and I can come up with something else for anyone who has not signed up.

My average client stays with me for at least a year, so if these new clients are the same, that initial £120 ad spend will be worth £14’000 minimum.

Thank you Jamie.

Seral Mehmet – Jan 2017

You’re probably thinking:

Is this guy worth my time and attention? Can he help ME?

For many people, the answer is NO.

Here’s why

– You’re looking for a shortcut to get rich quick.

Selling online = get rich quick right?

I get it.

I started selling stuff online back in 2007 because I assumed it was easy money and I’d have things running on auto-pilot by now.

Well, I was wrong – I can now create consistent revenue for people, and it can be setup so that as far as you’re concerned it might as well be on auto-pilot, but it still takes work to get it started, and to keep it running.

So if you’re not prepared to put in the work and the effort needed for profit, we’re not a good fit.

– Afraid of spending money? This isn’t going to work for you.

All over the internet, there are hundreds of ads, articles and courses you can find that promise “free traffic”, the “new loophole”, or ‘how to “game the system”.

Do they work? Maybe, sometimes, in the short-term.

What I do is create a machine. You put £1 into the machine, and I set it up and keep tweaking it, so that you get more than £1 out the other end. 

You have to be prepared to pay to play, and if you are, the results can be life-changing.

– If you sell bracelets for £5 a pop, I’m not your guy.

This isn’t a miracle. This isn’t a magic bullet. It doesn’t work for every business. We’re paying for advertising, so if your product only costs £5, we’re going to struggle to be profitable.

I specialise in getting leads for local businesses.

That means anyone who sells products or services to people in their specific area.

E-commerce stores, global brands… there are some great people out there who serve your needs, but I’m not one of them.

How do you know I’m any good?

Well, the smartest thing to do is to book a call.

Choose a time that works for you and book it right now by clicking here.

We’ll discuss your business and your goals, and we can both decide if we’re a good fit.

And for those who love their research, here’s a bit more of background on me, so you can start to get a feel for if we’ll get along.

My background

This is me with my fiancée Emma, and our son Bohan – on holiday this summer.

My “internet marketing” start was back in 2007, when I started up a holiday company in the French Alps.

At that time, I’d been working as a private chef in ski chalets for 5 years, and figured I could just as well do it for myself and keep all the profit, rather than continue as a terribly paid ski bum.

So I told all my previous guests about my new business, I built myself a website, and I sat back waiting for the bookings to start rolling in.

They didn’t.

It turns out, there’s this thing called “marketing” that businesses need to do if they want anyone to actually hear about them and give them money.

So I started reading.

Book after book – I gradually built up my knowledge, applying each little strategy and tactic one-by-one until the calls and emails started to come in.

I kept learning, I made some big mistakes, I lost £1000’s on badly setup advertising, I wasted money on expensive logos and stationary…

Then I learnt and applied more and more, and gradually built up a business that ended up keeping me happily stocked up with new skis and fondue for 6 years.

Now, my fiancée Emma and I have moved back to Devon (where I grew up) to start a family, and I’m in a position where I can really help businesses in that same situation I was in.

Here’s my pitch:

Click here and apply for a free 30-minute chat now.

Tell me a little bit about your business, and I will tell you honestly whether you should be spending money on Facebook Ads, (or if not, what I think would be the best channel for you to be using) and design a strategy that you canuse straight away.


Jamie Forrest